A note from director

The most beautiful thing in the world is child’s smile.

The next best thing,knowing thatyou are the reason behind it.

“Cockatiel education” wants to be the reason with your support.

About Us

We are part of education system since 15 years. We were connected to this system through general awareness for children and now we have entered our step in school syllabus books also. After spending such a long time with this system we have acquired a knowledge that initial stages of child’s are very crucial , as it is said “First five years of a child decide their coming eighty years” . We have put all our experience, knowledge , efforts to bring out books that will ignite the child’s mind, as there goes a well know saying ” A child’s mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled”. ‘Cockatiel’ is the name of a bird well known to be a good companion. In the same way we ‘Cockatiel Education’ , given a chance will definitely prove to be a good companion of your school.